Saturday, 14 May 2011

Essay feedback from the God in Film module.

Hello all!

Written and submitting essays on time is one thing but receiving feedback is another thing. My usual protocol is to assume the worst and hope that they have given me above 50% (2.2/C- threshold). Often enough it works out well and I receive a nice 2.1/B grade which is perfectly acceptable in my eyes.

I have been taking a module looking at the portrayal of God and Religion in Film. The essay deadline clashed with various other things going on and I had no idea what to expect from the quality of the essay. Nevertheless, I enjoyed written the essay and if you want a copy you can have it to read.

Yesterday, it was time for essay feedback on this essay. I set up my usual defenses and expect a low mark. When I got in to Dr. Tollerton's office he hand me a piece of paper and on the bottom it has a little A-! This is excellent. This is a 1st class essay this grade tells me. The A- band stretched form 70%-77% which is quite a broad spectrum.

I was very excited about this and many of you who read this are family and are often interested in my academic progress. Also, I want to immortalize this feedback incase I lose the piece of paper.

I'll write the comments given [Square brackets are my own contextual fillers]:


"This is a well-argued, interesting and original exploration of the ideas of liminality and adherence to gospel text."

- [I discussed the ideas of the Gospel texts being good for films. The pattern is that those films that stick close to the texts are not as successful as those that add bits in. I also discuss the religious theme of 'liminality'. See essay for more information.]


"This discussion is well introduced and soundly concluded. The essay's progression is clear throughout"


"The essay is based on a good level of research and the focus on a few key commentators in details helps the discussion."

- [I was told that I really engaged with the commentators and argued well.]


"Despite the occasional typrographical error, the essay is clearly written. The footnotes and bibliography are well-produced."

This is not the usual feedback I get. Often my essays are very mediocre and standard but I am very pleased with this one.

Thanks for Reading