Thursday, 6 January 2011

Star Trek: the Original Series or Star Trek: the Next Generation

Hello World,

Only a short one this time, mainly for any Trekkies out there, but I'm sure others will like it too. This is a bit of an obscure post, but as I'm getting into blogging I may as well write my thoughts on various subjects.

In the post festive sales, box sets of Star Trek: the Original Series (ST:TOS) have been very cheap compared to their normal extortionate prices. I have been a fan of Star Trek:the Next Generation (ST:TNG) since I was a small boy. To me ST:TNG is the true Star Trek because that's what I was exposed to first. Knowing this I have purchased series one of ST:TOS to even out my bias.
So far, I have not seen many ST:TOS episodes but what I have seen is many parodies and references to the series. Naturally, I thought they were funny due to the sheer exaggeration and ridiculousness of the parodies. Little did I know that the actual series was (at times) more ridiculous. It is quite amazing to see something that had originally set out to be serious become a parody of itself. Sadly, the original series was not very popular and only lasted for 3 series. The cast of the original series did much better with the post series films that were made.

In the 80s, the spin off series the Next Generation was quite a risk after the unpopularity of ST:TOS. It was taken on by Hollywood which gave it a huge budget and they managed to hire a decent cast. The series was a breath of fresh air with it having quality special effects, creatures, story line and directors.

The main problem with the original series was not with plots or the acting but with period in which it was recorded. If it was recorded with the same detail and resources to ST:TNG I am sure that it would have been excellent.

For me when it comes to ST:TOS or ST:TNG it's going to have to be ST:TNG every time. This is due to the superior plots, characters and effects. ST:TNG was what I was brought up with and it is familiar to my childhood. As for ST:TOS, under no fault of its own, the parodies have damaged my expectations of it. I have been unfairly bent towards it by seeing people highlighting the corniness of it all.

Live long and prosper, y'all.

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